trailblazer mobile enclosure

Trailblazer Mobile Enclosure
The TrailBlazer is all about access. Go where larger vehicles cannot with a complete sewer inspection system鈥攁ll stored in a compact, organized and lightweight secure enclosure. Mount on an ATV, pick-up truck or trailer to efficiently inspect mainlines in hard-to-reach areas.
Choose your build-out: Mobile Pathfinder System or Mobile Voyager鈩 HD Mainline Inspection System.
NEW! The TrailBlazer Mobile Enclosure now offers a hybrid option for build-outs with the Mobile Pathfinder System. Take advantage of a solar battery charging system for easy, on-site power replenishment. Its lightweight, lithium-ion batteries can provide up to 10 hours of quiet, emissions-free operation.

TrailBlazer Mobile Enclosure

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Smart Design, Rugged Construction

  • Lightweight, lockable enclosure built with a weatherproof and corrosion-resistant shell (48″ W x 53″ H x 31″ D)
  • LED lighting for maximum visibility in the enclosure
  • Equipped with two, 100lb. capacity drawers to securely store accessories, tractors, and cameras
  • Flip-up sunshade for operator comfort
  • Choice of sunlight readable monitors
  • Shore power inlet; (4) 120V outlets and (2) USB outlets
  • 33′ pole set

Go Green with Hybrid Option

  • Solar battery charging system
  • Lightweight lithium-ion batteries
  • Easily recharge batteries with shore power
  • Quiet & emission-free
  • Up to 10 hours of run time
Customized Build-Out
  • Choose from the Aries Mobile Pathfinder System or Mobile Voyager HD System
  • Multiple tractors (steerable and non-steerable; 6″ to 60″ pipe sizes) and camera options
  • 800′ (Voyager) or 1200′ (Mobile Pathfinder) cable
  • Generator slide-out
  • Optional washdown tank
  • Optional green battery power station or gas generator
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