pathfinder mainline inspection system

Mobile Pathfinder System - Mainline Sewer Inspection
The Pathfinder Mainline Inspection System is a聽 powerful and advanced truck-mounted system for inspecting mainlines 6″ or larger. It combines a powerful transporter, innovative camera, and reel. The Aries Master Controller replaces the need for multiple controllers by providing a single unit for efficient operation of the tractor and camera and to supply power to the lights. Includes an Xbox One庐 controller for remote operation.

Pathfinder Mainline Inspection System

Includes a powerful, steerable Pathfinder Series transporter that easily navigates pipes 6″ or larger. The tractor is equipped with a rear-viewing camera and a lift to center the camera in a range of pipe sizes. More on Transporters 禄

Our WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera has an in-the-pipe lens cleaning system with field-replaceable wipers to maximize productivity. It鈥檚 270掳 viewing angle and 360掳 rotation gives complete visibility to ensure accurate assessments. More on Cameras 禄


The weatherproof Pathfinder reel is vehicle-mounted in a heavy-duty frame. It holds 1000′ or 1200′ of 聽low-friction, multiconductor cable and is outfitted with a front control box with distance display and electrical controls.

Master Controller

The Aries Master Controller is a rack-mounted power supply and control unit. It provides a single electronic unit to simultaneously operate the tractor and camera, and to supply power to the lights. It includes a control display and a wireless Xbox One庐 controller to easily operate the reel, tractor, and camera.

Pathfinder System Features


  • Powerful, six-wheel, steerable drive to navigate around obstacles
  • Operates in power forward, power reverse, steer-left, steer-right and freewheel modes
  • Compact design for superior maneuverability
  • Works with our聽WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera聽for superior image capture
  • Rear-facing camera to monitor retrieval
  • Camera lift for full view of the pipe
  • Choice of three Pathfinder models to match pipe size
  • Multiple wheel configurations to adapt to pipe conditions
  • Simplified design for quick tire changes

Mainline Cameras

WiperCam Pan & Tilt or Illumi-Zoom Camera

  • 270掳 unobstructed viewing angle to view with-the-flow laterals and tractor wheels
  • 360掳 camera head rotation for a full view of the pipe
  • 120x zoom and high intensity LED light ring to see pipe details
  • Self-cleaning lens system and field replaceable wipers for more time in the pipe
  • SMARTEK internal diagnostics for monitoring camera conditions
  • Adaptable to almost any multiconductor system
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for long life in harsh pipe conditions
  • Internally pressurized to verify seal and prevent leakage
  • Scratch-proof and crack resistant sapphire lens window to withstand tough environments

Master Controller

  • Rack-mounted, electronic unit
  • Simultaneously operates tractor, reel, and camera
  • Supplies power to the lights
  • Remote operation via wireless Xbox One庐 controller


  • Weatherproof
  • Truck-mounted reel in heavy duty frame
  • 1000′ or 1200′ of low-friction, multiconductor cable extends your reach
Pathfinder Series Transporters
sewer crawler rear camera
Master Controller
WiperCam Sewer Inspection Video Camera
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