voyagerTM hd mainline inspection

voyager mainline inspection
The Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System is a high definition video system for inspecting mainlines relined 6″ – 48″ and up. The complete system includes a powerful transporter, a full HD 1080p WiperCam camera, and 1200’ cable reel — controlled by CANbus technology for instant crawler and camera response. Components are operated by an ergonomically advanced dual joystick controller and reel-mounted pendant.
High Definition Voyager Camera
Voyager Transporter with Large Line Kit

The Voyager’s powerful tractor easily navigates pipes relined 6″ – 48” and larger. Digital CANbus controls provide instant crawler and camera response. The tractor is equipped with a rear-viewing HD camera and an integral motorized lift to center the camera in a range of pipe sizes.

WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera
WiperCam Camera

Compact HD 1080p pan and tilt video camera with 120x zoom captures every pipe detail. Built-in Aries lens wiper technology maximizes time in the pipe. Optional dual camera lasers ensure accurate crack measurement.

Voyager Mainline Video Inspection System
Controller & Pendant

The all-in-one dual joystick controller operates the reel, tractor, and camera. Advanced ergonomic design for operator comfort and responsiveness. Control components at the manhole with the handheld pendant.


Truck-mounted reel, with Aries Cable Management System has 1200’ of 6-conductor cable. Simple reel termination, one-button downrigger deployment and spring-loaded retractable cable rollers simplify operation and maintenance.

Voyager™ HD Mainline Inspection System Features


  • Crawler fits pipes re-lined 6”– 48″ and larger
  • Standard motorized camera lift with internal gearing
  • Digital CANbus controls for instantaneous crawler & camera response
  • Autonomous time-saving functions such as auto-drive to waypoints & auto-retrieve
  • Tool-less camera attach/detach with rugged connector
  • Tool-less cable attach/detach
  • Tough, reflective Kevlar lift strap with deployment loop
  • HD backup camera


  • Pan & tilt, 120x zoom HD camera captures and transmits excellent quality, HD video (1080p x 1920p)
  • In-the-pipe Aries WiperCam lens cleaning system with field-replaceable wipers
  • Optional dual camera lasers for accurate crack measurement
  • Front camera bumpers

Desktop Controller

  • Ergonomic controller with keyboard and dual joysticks
  • Responds to multiple controls simultaneously
  • Graphical crawler roll-angle display
  • Rollover risk alerts
  • Loss of seal integrity alerts with proactive internal pressure, temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Crawler speed display
  • Future: Ability to record in standard definition


  • Control tractor, reel & camera at the manhole with handheld pendant

Cable Reel

  • Truck-mounted reel with 1200 ft of 6-conductor cable
  • 1200-pound brake strength
  • Simple 6-wire resinless cable termination
  • Cable management with electronic clutch responsive to crawler movement
  • Street-accessible reel controls with emergency stop
  • Quick one-button downrigger deployment
  • Level wind with footage counter
  • Precisely adjustable drum tension control
High definition Voyager Mainline Inspection System
WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera
Voyager Sewer Inspection System
Voyager Controller and Pendant
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