RinnoVisionTM manhole inspection

RinnoVision Manhole Inspection System

RinnoVision’s Manhole Inspection Systems offer a fast, safe alternative to sending workers into manholes to conduct inspections. Equipped with a 360-degree virtual reality camera, the available systems provide real-time viewing of conditions inside pipes, manholes, tanks, tunnels, wells and other confined spaces. The wireless systems include a 30′ telescopic pole and 100′ tripod for maximum reach.

RinnoVision RV-MAX 360


RV-MAX 360 Features

Ultra-bright 6600 Lumens 360 degree light
  • High-quality and high-performance LED lighting
  • 6 light modes
  • Extra spotlight for side pipe inspection
  • Full workday battery
  • 3h full recharge time
  • 50,000-hour LED life span
360° view
  • 360° virtual reality footage
  • Resolution: 4k (8.1 MP)
  • Format: MP4 video files
  • FPS: 30, 15 or 10
  • 256 GB internal memory card
  • Designed according to the IP68 standard
  • Integrated post guards for impact protection
  • Provided with a tablet and the RinnoView software

Innovative and Robust

  • Six Light Modes For Optimal Illumination On All Enclosure Sizes
  • Get A 360-Degree 4k Video Image
  • Georeference Each Inspection Using The Embedded GPS
  • Lightning-Fast Embedded Wi-Fi Hotspot For Quick Data Transfer
  • IP68-Based Water & Dust Resistant Design
  • Maximum reach with 30′ telescopic pole and 100′ tripod

RinnoVision Tripod


RinnoVision Manhole Inspection System

RinnoVision RV-Pro 360

Manhole Inspection System

RV-Pro 360 Features

Ultra-bright 3300 lumens 360 degree light
  • High quality, high performance LED lighting
  • High color rendering index
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Features narrow directional light beam for in-depth inspection of lateral pipes
360° view
  • High resolution 360° virtual reality camera
  • Film the interior of the manholes in 360 degrees in virtual reality
  • Real-time remote viewing on your phone or tablet included with the RV-Pro 360
  • Charger, 128 GB memory card and extra battery

Innovative and Robust

RV-Pro 360 Manhole Inspection System
  • High quality anti-corrosion materials
  • Built to withstand impact and weather (-20°C to 40°C)
  • Lightweight and waterproof 1 meter (3.2 feet)
  • High capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 4.5 continuous hours of battery life (enough for a full work day)
  • 110/240V charger and 12V car socket
  • Fits into an opening as small as 125 mm (4.9 in) in diameter
  • Certified for inspection of MACP manholes and manholes
  • 1 year warranty
RinnoVision Manhole Inspection System
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