LETS 6.0

Lateral Inspection System
The LETS 6.0 lateral inspection system is versatile and powerful, setting up quickly to navigate a range of pipe contours in mainlines 6″ or larger. The tractor is equipped with a camera to observe mainline conditions and monitor the lateral camera launch. A contoured chute enables the lateral camera to be easily deployed with or against the flow at a 135-degree launch angle.

LETS 6.0 Lateral System

LETS 6.0 is the ultimate system to simultaneously acquire mainline and lateral assessment video. A slim tractor profile and superior lateral camera launch provides high productivity.

lets 6 lateral inspection

  • Inspect laterals to 150′ from 6″ diameter and larger mainline pipes
Lateral Evaluation System with Large Line Kit

  • Powerful tractor with forward, reverse and freewheel movement
  • Over-voltage protection prevents damage to the main motor drive
  • Tip-up connector for easier pipe insertion with less cable strain
  • Standard six-wheel configuration operates in 6″-12″ mainline
  • Optional Large Line Kit operates in 15″-30″ diameter pipe and larger

  • A dual joystick Xbox One庐 controller operates tractor and cameras
  • The system also works with legacy controller
LETS Camera Options

  • Forward-facing camera captures mainline video and monitors lateral camera launch
  • Choose from a self-leveling lateral camera or a Pan & Tilt camera
  • Integrated 512hz locating beacon
  • Telescoping chute with five discrete positions provides easier lateral launching in larger pipes
lateral inspection pipeline products
Designed for Agility
  • Slim, unibody tractor to traverse pipes
  • Multiple wheel configurations to match pipe conditions
  • Contoured chute to launch the lateral camera with or against the flow
  • Lateral camera easily navigates pipe bends
LETS Dual Reel
Compact Footprint for Dual Reel
  • Slim vehicle footprint due to combined reel configuration
  • Reel controls in single accessible panel
  • Simple termination blocks for easy troubleshooting
  • Single button downrigger deployment means easy set up and operation
  • Even cable level-winding聽 and precise adjustable drum tension control
Simplified Control
  • Operate the tractor and cameras with one remote control
  • Dual joystick, Xbox One庐 controller* for ease of use

Xbox One庐 is a registered trademark of Microsoft庐

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