lateral camera

Lateral Inspection Video Camera
Aries high performance, compact cameras are ideal for inspecting laterals 3″ or larger. Built to withstand challenging pipe conditions and designed to maximize productivity, our cameras help you complete inspections quickly and accurately.

Lateral Inspection Cameras

pe3601 lateral inspection camera
Mini Pan & Tilt Camera Model PE3601

The Mini Pan & Tilt camera features a continuous, 360藲 rotation & maintenance-free lighting. The PE3600 camera is equipped with a self-cleaning lens system with field-replaceable wipers for more time in the pipe.

st930 lateral camera
Self-Leveling Camera Model ST930

The ST920 model features a self-leveling, straight view camera with a high-resolution color module and high sensitivity module for low-light (0.14 Lux).

Lateral Camera Features
  • Adaptable to Aries聽LETS system
  • Operates in pipe size 3鈥 and up
  • Continuous, 360掳 camera head rotation for a complete view of the pipe
  • “Starlight” light enhancement and automatic iris compensation maximizes visibility
  • High-intensity LED lighting to capture fine detail
  • Adaptable for mainline applications
  • Internal 512Hz transmitting beacon
  • SMARTEK internal on-screen diagnostics for continuous monitoring of internal operating system
  • Internally pressurized to prevent leakage
  • Automatically pans to the home position
  • Compatible with all Aries tractors and most multi-conductor CCTV systems
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